Omni-Channel Retail


SParQ is our unique and highly customisable EPOS application.

Contact us for more information about SParQ-POS and how it provides a fully resilient EPOS using modern browser technology.

Retail Central™

Retail Central provides centralised management of all your SParQ terminals. It allows creation and maintenance of products, prices, users, etc, and manages replication of changes to each terminal. It also manages the terminal commissioning process and supports data refreshes to targeted devices.

Retail Central processes all transactions, acts as a gateway to other enterprise services, and acts as an interface for other retail channels. It imports e-commerce orders to offer your customers a fully joined up shopping experience and can support, for example, in-store returns of on-line purchases. It also acts as the conduit to Stock Master to aid sourcing and fulfilment of home delivery and store collection orders.

As the central repository for all trade data, Retail Central also offers a number of high-performance reports based on optimised ledgers and totals.

Contact us for more information about Retail Central™ and how it can be delivered as SaaS or fully owned.

Stock Master™

Stock Master is the order and inventory management component (OMS) of our omni-channel offering. It helps manage the entire "order lifecycle" from creation, through picking and packing, to shipment, reservation and delivery. Orders are supported between all combinations of store, warehouse, customer or supplier. Stock Master also supports the concept of remnant orders (and shipments) so that "shorts" are accurately tracked within the system. It exposes enterprise inventory levels (current, available-to-promise and future) over a number of different stock types, and provides comprehensive stock counting and reconciliation functionality.

Because Stock Master knows all your historic, active and future planned movements, it also provides an automatic replenishment capability up the supply chain.

Contact us for more information about Stock Master™ and how it can help your enterprise.

The complete omni-channel retail system

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