Card Payments

Card Payment Interface (CPI)

SPQ Retail has developed a standard card payment API that can be used by any Java application to communicate with any payment service provider. Aside from the flexibility it delivers to the relevant development teams, it also allows retailers to easily migrate to alternative payment providers without any change to core EPOS or e-commerce applications. A simple configuration change is all that is required to "kick in" an alternative card payment implementation.

The interface supports UK, EU and USA payment methodologies and fully exposes gratuity, cash-back, offline authorisation, electronic signature capture, and customer not present capabilities.

Contact us for more information about SParQ-CPI and how it can help you.

Optomany axept™

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Optomany Limited to offer you a stand-alone or fully integrated EFT payment service. We believe that Optomany's payment service provides a true omni-channel solution. It is a well thought out technical solution delivering modern interfaces by a best-of-breed team with many years of experience within the industry.

Optomany axept™ totally shields you from what has become a PCI nightmare. It is a PCI-DSS version 3 certified payment service, with full point-to-point encryption (P2PE) on the PAX range of payment terminals. It is also expected to be one of the first solutions in the world to be accredited against the new P2PE V2 standard.

An investment in the Optomany solution not only gives you a stress free environment for your existing EPOS system, it also protects you for the future, as the solution provides full interfaces for customer not present (CNP) telesales and e-commerce transactions. It is an affordable solution that sits alongside your existing EPOS as a fully managed service. This means that axept™ will automatically upgrade and apply any necessary card scheme rules without any effect on your EPOS system.

The axept™ solution supports integration to a range of EPOS and e-commerce platforms and Optomany have recently accredited our interface which enables integration for the Retail-J™ EPOS platform.

Contact us for more information about axept™ and how it could help you.

Integrated into Retail-J™

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