Legacy Support


We have over a decade of experience supporting the Retail-J™ EPOS system and its associated interfaces, so are well placed to offer realistic support options to a variety of customers.

Retail-J™ has recently been announced as end-of-life by its new owners. Fortunately, Simon Phipps was one of the original authors of the system and is the only person that continues to work with this product since conception in January 2001. As part of the team that architected the platform on which the Retail-J™ EPOS and back-office applications were built, he knows full well the limitations and opportunities that are still available to its users.

Unbeknown to many, Retail-J™ was designed to be a very open system and has "hooks" into many areas. These hooks supported a basic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) a decade before the term was even coined. It also provides the ability for integrated application development through the use of configurable factories.

SPQ Retail Limited therefore believe that Retail-J™ has plenty of useable life left in it, especially if you are happy to migrate slowly and thoughtfully to a next generation system. This process will mitigate risk, as only certain portions of your operation migrate to other best-of-breed solutions.

With this in mind SPQ Retail Limited offers several development and consultancy services to help you get the most out of your original investment. These range from fault investigations and bespoke development, to migration project management and technical consultancy. We are also happy to simply be used as a sounding board to ratify third-party upgrade processes, or new product functionality claims.

We also offer a range of on-site engineering services in partnership with MDT Total Solutions.

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Second and third line support for Retail-J™

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