Business Intelligence

We can help you avoid the bottomless pit of "data" provided by many legacy systems and get some useful reports written that deliver true business intelligence. These can either be complex analytical reports or simple one-stop store trading or financial reconciliation reports.

Over the years we have helped many retailers get more out of their system than just raw data. We have delivered detailed store trading reports that match existing operational practices, salesperson exception analysis, tender totals and balance sheets, gift card ageing analysis, and multi-dimensional OLAP data-mining reports.

We have recently delivered a reporting suite to an English Premier League football club and a global fashion brand.


SPQ Retail Limited offers a variety of interface development strategies to accommodate the ever-changing environment in which retail operates. This means we can, for example, easily link legacy systems still using flat files over FTP to newer systems using XML or JSON over modern SOAP or REST web-services.

We can work with clean hub-and-spoke or ESB models, or a more realistically evolved system-to-system environment.


We can also develop bespoke add-ons to existing retail systems; such as Electronic Gift Card (EGC) interfaces, in-store ordering applications and stock management systems.

Contact us for more information about our development options.

We extend the life of your existing systems

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